Dynamic, Innovative, Dedicated

Deeply committed to the people and culture of Hawaii, the principals at CAA are well-established real estate professionals with deep roots in the local community. Their insightful and strategic approach to the business has made these leaders some of the most respected individuals in the Hawaii real estate market today.

At CAA, we understand the ever-evolving marketplace and are always looking for new and better ways to enhance our clients’ businesses and investments.  The principals’ broad depth of experience in real estate, business, law, technology, and construction brings a distinct perspective that bridges a wide spectrum of industries.  Coupled with their bold vision, strategic market knowledge, client commitment and “out of the box” methodologies, CAA is a real estate company like no other in Hawaii.

Significant Value…

Mission: Through real estate we create and deliver measurable value to our clients, and through our culture we provide significance and add meaning to the lives of our partners, our people and our community.

Culture: The creation of a partnership where we strive to have all goals aligned; where our people are the life blood of the company and are recognized for their value and achievements.